We love YOUR customers !!!

Why work with VVV fashion?

If you are asking: “Why me to work with VVV Fashion?” , we are telling you: “Because, we are on yours side.” So, we are working for you: owners, managers of fashionable boutiques of clothes and shoes. You are known, than you are have a good quality goods, but some think miss, miss a something special. And you are asking herself, what if it’s was, than sells will be much better level. So we are offer you THAT ONE SPECIAL — the goods of self-selling: by branded, by quality.

So, what we are exactly offered?

  • We are works with: stock collection clothes of Italian brands.
  • First of all, its: overproduction of collection.
  • In this category: factory residue collections, samples of current collection (in one or three size on article) ;
  • Secondly, it’s: the remainder of the retail trade. All good have a dimensions size range, packed in cartons or bags.

In any case – it’s a fashion clothes for women, men and kids. It’s will be some special for yours, which gives to you more buyers.


On your question: “How much is it?” We are telling you: “Not more expensive than money.” Between, you and factory is NOONE. So it’s all clear: the price of collection minus 40% or 75%, rest of sum divide on all stock, and formed in lots by 300 pieces. We can buy and 100 pieces, but can be expensive.

Our service cover by company manufacturer of goods. If you are distance buy, you pay the amount on the invoice. If you are arrive, you pay the costs associated with the organization of meetings, accompanying services and transportation costs.

We will respond to any questions with pleasure!